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New album will bring heroes together to showcase their musical talents
A new album project, featuring a major name in country music, will both highlight and raise funds for veterans wounded in combat.
“Warriors: The Album,” to be released on Pearl Street Records, is being developed as a joint project of the Wounded Warrior Program and the South Carolina Entertainment & Music Hall of Fame to provide veterans a chance to showcase their musical talent.
Award-winning Legendary Country singer/songwriter Zack Turner (ZackTurner.com) is working with producers to help craft the warriors’ words into songs.
The project is in the fundraising stage, and organizers are asking for the public’s help in supporting the album by ordering “Warriors: The Album” t-shirts, dog-tags and more. Proceeds will go to the project, Veteran Scholarships Forever & Warrior Readiness Program.
The Wounded Warrior Program's primary goal is to provide meaningful employment to our nation’s wounded warriors.

The Wounded Warrior Program online shop offers a wide range of office supplies available to both government and private businesses and corporations.
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